5 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

5 Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas



Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, but if you're like me you spend so much time getting everyone else's costume just right (hello fellow perfectionists and procrastinators) that by Halloween night, everyone is ready to go and we're left scrambling to throw together something to wear that's fun and festive. For this reason, I bring you 5 easy costume ideas; from cute and casual to sassy and stylish we've got you covered. 

The best part? You can use what you already have in your closet (or shop the looks below.)


#1 The Scarecrow

Get The Look:

Find your straw (or sun hat), put your hair in pigtails, add a plaid shirt and some distressed denim and you're done! If you have time for makeup, add some stitching details to your face using a black eyeliner and add a bright pop of color to your nose with your favorite lipstick or liquid eyeshadow.

#2 Cruella

An easy DIY Cruella Costume!

Get The Look:

Cruella is all about the spots and contrast! Throw on a black and white spotted top, add your favorite black skirt or pants and accentuate with red accessories; red lipstick, red heels, etc.

#3 Princess

DIY Princess Costume

Get The Look:

You'll be pretty in pink in no time with this look! Start with a sparkly headband, add a pink blouse and a long skirt (a short one will work too!) don't forget to add your favorite sparkly jewels to round everything out.

#4 Sassy Flapper

DIY Flapper Costume

Get The Look:

The Sassy Flapper is all about luxury and fun. Start with a knee length black sheath dress or skirt (bonus if they have sparkle or fringe), add a black or sequin cami or blouse and a scarf to drape over your shoulders. Lastly add a headband and red lips to finish this look!

#5 Queen of The Jungle

DIY Queen of the Jungle Costume

Get The Look:

Roar to life in this easy to put together costume! Start with any animal print top, add a fun skirt or jeans and accessorize with chunky jewelry. Use black eyeliner to draw feline features on your face. Get creative with this one and add anything your heart desires, you are the queen after all!

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